Hi Everyone,

I’m an old teenager. I’ll probably never grow the fuck up. It’s OK because I kinda have my shit together and I go on adventures from time to time. They may not necessarily be exotic ports of call or luxury spa hotels but I do prefer those. I’m a woman who has lived many lives in one, but being smack dab in the middle with very little to go on in terms of destiny, passion, goals or plans, I’m constantly reminded that life is fleeting and French existentialists tend to be right. Enough of the melodramatic introduction.

Why are you here?

I guess it’s because I want to share my experiences in a strange (to me) yet familiar way. I don’t blog but after my whirlwind year, I figured it’s time people got to know me. I’m fighting social anxiety with internet fire. Hopefully it doesn’t burn to an ashen crisp!

I will write some fiction from time to time so bear with me as I love short stories in the vein of Saki or Maupaussant. Style is everything, my darling but substance always gets abused.